A necessary element of a daily diet

Absorbing perfectly the drink accelerates metabolism promoting a fast
weight loss. The compact size of a can allows toave one
on hand wherever you are

One more tasty and healthy product for you

Ginger Me perfectly complements your diet with rare vitamins,
beneficial substances, energy of a ginger, and of course
a beautiful natural taste

The secret of youth and health

Ginger is the key to the beauty of your body, perfect hair and skin condition.
Recipe of excellent appearance and well-being proven by experience

Genuine health benefits in every sip

Accurate combination of nutrients and vitamins for better
absorption and greater efficiency

Vitamin B6
0,21 mg
1,1 mg
7,5 mg
Vitamin C
16,0 mg
Pantothetic acid
0,9 mg
Vitamin E
1,8 mg
Vitamin B12
0,38 mg
2,4 mg

Ginger me reveals the real beauty and
the power of natural taste

Combines perfectly with any healthy food can be a great base
for vitamin cocktails and other healthy drinks. Ginger Me
will bring new exciting flavors in your healthy diet

Keep your diet wherever you are

Ginger Me is the only healthy product so easy to have
with you anywhere