Feel the taste of summer

Powerful Ginger Me freshness effect perfectly complies with an active lifestyle.
A rich flavor with a gentle hints of a ginger puts you into an atmosphere of
careless summer days

Travel with me

Going on a vacation? Don’t forget to stock up on the necessities.
Cool Ginger Me will make your holiday more comfortable
and enjoyable, no matter whether you want to be active
or relaxed sunbathing on the coast

mix with other drinks and experiment
with flavors

let's add zest to your favourite recipes or use Ginger Me
as a basis for amazing cocktails

Ginger Me has the most special taste that you want to feel again and again.

Ginger shades warms you like a soft sunset as well as fruit flavors refreshing, perhaps even better than the sea breeze.

Each drink is full of vivid emotions allowing you to experience the taste of summer in any place

Expressions of summer in every drop

Enjoying warm sand and sea freshness, treat yourself to a
pleasure of natural flavor complied of unforgettable
summer emotions